About Us

About Us

As the time is passing, we are all understanding the value of conserving natural resources, for which solar products are introduced to the markets. As these products functions as per the consumption of sunlight, we can all stay care free on not wasting any natural resources when it comes to consuming electrical energy. Beneficiary to everyone, these solar products are largely demanded by the customers and, we, Rudra Solar Energy, are running our business activities to fulfill the requirements of the respected customers. Working as a Manufacturer and Exporter is primarily included in the operations of our company and for these roles we are have acclaimed a global recognition and appreciation. In our gamut of products we have included Solar Heater, Solar Cooker, Solar Panel Cooker, Solar Home Light, Solar Rooftop Power Plant, Solar Blinker and many more. These products are an example of a paradigm of  perfect engineering, that we have successfully developed with the help of highly qualified and innovative experts. Our solar products are enhanced with modern features and highly sustains sunlight, with the help of which, longer functioning of our product is promised. 

Quality: Assurance and Checking Measures

We aim to manufacture products of such a noteworthy quality that serves our customers as a one time investment. For which we adhere to standards of quality that are set by the international industries, as this abidance ultimately results in engineering of products that are incomparably superior to that of what offered by the competition. Assurance of quality is done on each and every step of production, which includes verification of  raw material, to assembling of the machines, till the packaging and delivery of production. Checking parameters includes procureming solar panels of the finest quality, which is diligently installed by using and adding high grade components. Entire assurance and checking process is executed under the presence of our quality focused experts who with their sincerity reassures the utmost quality of the products that we make.

Benefits of Solar Products

To diminish the consumption of natural resources, many companies have developed solar products and introduction of these products to the markets has resulted countless benefits to the customers. Most importantly, solar products have promoted the conservation of electricity that is generated by fuel and other natural resources. These products are widely installed, as solar products only consume sunlight for functioning, that results in saving hefty electricity bills. A greener atmosphere is promoted by usage of solar products, as these do not emit any pollution and are entirely user friendly for the customers as well for the environment. Given below are some of the advantages of  Solar Products:-
  • These products are proven to be highly cost effective, as all they require is a one time investment of purchasing.
  • Functions on Sunlight, Solar products are entirely energy efficient as we always have that resource available on which it functions.
  • Wastage of natural Resources is diminished by installing solar products.

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