Scheffler Cooker Solar Disk

Scheffler Cooker Solar Disk

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Stainless steel fabricated Scheffler Cooker Solar Disk is an excellent option to cook food without using gas, oil, electricity or wood. Available in different weight and size options, this solar disk is equipped with parabolic shaped reflector that moves around an axis in parallel direction to the axis of the earth. A photovoltaic system is used for tracking the operation of its reflector. As a prestigious exporter and manufacturer of Scheffler Cooker Solar Disk, we have created a separate identity in the market. 

Scheffler Cooker Solar Disk

It is designed for give you the best cooking efficiency up to 15 yrs How ever it depends on How it is

being Use and the life of reflecting mirrors are 5 yrs, which can be replaced at every 5 yrs.


  •     solar cooking
  •     solar food processing
  •     solar roasting