Solar Parabolic Cooker

Solar Parabolic Cooker

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The design of this Solar Parabolic Cooker includes parabolic reflector for direct receiving of sun rays required for generating solar power for cooking purpose. It produces high temperature for grilling, boiling and frying of food. This solar item consists of a solar burner with precise diameter, molded steel made parabolic solar panel covered with reflective vinyl, easy to modify extension cranks and circular stand. Portable quality, easy maintenance process and long functional life are the key features of this cooker. We are a reliable manufacturer and exporter of excellent quality Solar Parabolic Cooker.  

Solar Parabolic Cookers

This cooker is designed for 100 peoples community

and if it is used 4 hrs per day. Can cook 7.5 kg dry rise

in one hr. Window for loading of cooking pot along

with small steps, and umbrella for shadow while

operating. Sturdy design to last long and withstand

heavy wind loads.


  •     solar cooking
  •     solar food processing
  •     solar roasting