Solar rooftop 2kw

Solar rooftop 2kw

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1) Multi Crystalline PV Solar Module 

2)On Grid Inverter 

3)Mounting Structure

4)Mounting Structure 

5)AC distribution Box 

6)Earthing & Lightning Arrestor Kit 

7)DC Cable from DCDB to Inverter 


Price Basis : For destination at your site.

Delivery Time : After 15 days from government policy approved

Tax : Inclusive.

Warranty : 5 Years from invoice date

Payment : 100% Advance of net price

Validity : 31st Dec 2017

Transportation : Inclusive

Installation Charge : Inclusive

DISCOM Charges : As per actual

Note: You have to pay net meter and Discom charges to the DISCOM extra as per actual


Please enclosed the application form and fill with the residence client. Send us the hard copy of documents

in 2 set as below with self-attested (sign copy) to the given below address.

1. Application form

2. Index-II copy

3. Electricity Bill

4. Aadhaar card

5. 3 passport size photos

6. Cancelled Cheque

We hope above offer is in line with your requirement. Please feel free to contact us for further queries, if any.

We assure to deliver our expertise and best support for committed benefits to you.