Solar Steam Cooking

Solar Steam Cooking

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Solar Steam Cooking

Each steam header assembly is connected to a group of concentrators that
consists of a steam header/ tank connected to receiver (mostly circular in shape),
pressure reducing station, steam and feed water pipelines and necessary valves.
The designs of the receivers are such that they work on thermo- siphon principle
and the water stored in the header is slowly converted into steam when the
system is put into operation. It has a drain arrangement for cleaning against
scale formation. The pressure reducing station is so designed that it reduces the
pressure of steam generated in the header from 10 Kg/cm2 to 1-2 Kg/cm2 so as
to ensure safety of the user while using the steam. The system pipelines,
receivers and steam header are insulated with glass wool/ rock wool covered by
aluminum cladding to minimize heat losses. The system is hydro tested for any
leaks before insulating its various components. Feed water tank of suitable
capacity, instrumentation e.g. pressure gauze and water level and temperature
indicators, level controller, safety valves, steam separators are installed with the
system for safety and measuring different parameters.

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